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    Making a positive impact on the
    world through culture

    Culture enriches our lives by providing a deeper understanding of the world, promoting personal growth, and fostering a sense of connection and belonging, through heritage, historical monuments, literature, art, creativity, museums and other practices.

    The Culture and Communication sector is responsible for designing and implementing programs and initiatives that support the organization’s goals and objectives.

    Our work covers a wide range of cultural issues, from preserving cultural heritage sites to promoting cultural industries and creative economies. We also work closely with other departments and member states to ensure that culture is integrated into all aspects of the organization’s work.

    We also promote the use of digital technologies to enhance the reach and impact of cultural expressions,and support the development of new business models for cultural and creative industries.

    We are committed to making a positive impact on the world through culture and to promoting the role of culture as a means of fostering intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.


    icescocreative.com https://culture070.wixsite.com/icescomediaart

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