Promote access to quality
education for all

Education is essential for building a sustainable and equitable world that benefits all societies to make a positive impact on the world.

The Education sector plays an important role in building a better future for education based on justice, equity and inclusion in education for everyone, taking into account the local cultures of societies, guaranteeing human rights, and supporting the skills, competencies and abilities of future generations.

Our work covers a wide range of educational issues, from early childhood education to adult learning and literacy. We also work to provide educational opportunities to people of all ages and to support the development of education systems around the world by taking advantage of the rapid developments in technology and artificial intelligence applications.

One of our main objectives is to promote access to quality education for all. We also support the creation of new learning opportunities, such as online courses and mobile learning, and encourage the use of technology to enhance education.



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As part of its ongoing digital transformation efforts, ICESCO is happy to announce the launch of an unprecendented open-AI API to provide you with a unique digital experience.
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