Current Observer States

Russian Federation

of the Observer Status

The observer status allows the states, governmental organizations and NGOs to take part in the General Conference, Executive Council and Specialized Ministerial Conferences held by ICESCO without the right to vote. The Director General may invite the Observer States to assign their representatives (experts and specialists) to take part in ICESCO’s technical meetings and scientific committees.

The Observer State shall be represented by ministers in the General Conference and the Specialized Ministerial Conferences, and by the Secretary General of the National Commission for Education, Science and Culture in the Executive Council. The Observer State has the freedom to choose the level of its representation in the other events;

The governmental organizations and NGOs shall be represented by the head of their executive organ (president, director general, secretary general…) in the General Conference and the Specialized Ministerial Conferences. The governmental organizations and NGOs may choose their level of representation in the other events;

The Observer States are entitled to present their experiences in the fields of education, science, culture and communication, and contribute to the development of ICESCO’s action plans and strategies;

The Observer States can contribute as much as possible to the funding and implementation of specific programs and projects while being free to choose the adequate program or project as well as the target country or beneficiary

The observer membership does not entail any financial obligation.

as Observer

The State concerned should send a letter (downloadable from ICESCO website) to ICESCO Director General expressing its desire to join the Organization as an “Observer” State;

Governmental organizations and NGOs should send a letter to ICESCO Director General attached necessarily with the following documents:

  1. Membership application form (downloadable from ICESCO website);
  2. Information on the applicant including its organizational structure and objectives;
  3. Copy of the Organization’s charter or statutes;
  4. List of the Organization’s members and officials as well as its headquarters;
  5. Information on the Organization’s fields of action and their relation with ICESCO’s areas of competence;

Subject to any legal or objective impediment, the Director General shall initially approve the application and shall inform the competent party thereon within thirty (30) days following the date of receipt of the application;

The Director General shall submit the observer membership application with his own opinion to the upcoming session of the Executive Council;

The Executive Council shall deliberate on the observer membership application and shall submit its recommendation to the General Conference;

The General Conference shall approve the membership application upon the recommendation of the Executive Council and the opinion of the Director General;

The Director General shall inform the applicant state or organization of the approval of the General Conference within thirty (30) days following the approval date.

Apply for ICESCO observer status

Application Form

Application form for the status of observer to
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Letter Of Accession

Letter of accession to icesco
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