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    Providing expertise and technical advice to promote Arabic teaching

    Established in 2020, the Center of Arabic for Non-Arabic Speakers is a new building block of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO). The Center serves as a hub for international leadership in capacity-building and educational training for institutions and individuals working in the field of teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers, through the implementation of a vast array of projects, programmes and activities that are geared towards providing technical expertise and academic advice, developing curricula, and supporting scientific research in specialized institutions within ICESCO Member States and beyond to promote its civilizational and developmental role.

    The Center seeks to develop the skills of educational staff working in Arabic education and promotion, and equip them with modern teaching strategies and methods in accordance with the development and operation standards adopted in the formal education system to help them hone their competences, convey their educational message and enhance their productivity. The Center also aims to support institutions specializing in teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers by evaluating and developing their educational curricula to ensure their suitability for the students’ levels, environments, cultural backgrounds, and linguistic and cognitive skills. The Center also strives to stimulate scientific research and academic production by encouraging specialized studies in the field of teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers to enrich specialized libraries and provide researchers with a variety of publications.

    The Center carries out development activities that promote Arabic, stimulate innovation and production and nurture creativity to achieve complementarity between the educational and cultural dimensions of Arabic education through a set of scientific seminars, international conferences and global events. These events bring together international experts, specialists and decision-makers in institutions, universities and organizations specializing in teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers with a view to advancing Arabic language, enhancing its prominence internationally, and developing joint action plans between institutions to consolidate their efforts. The Center also seeks to develop the linguistic skills of Arabic learners of all levels within the Islamic world and beyond to ignite the spark of their creative thinking through the organization of a range of relevant competitions, the development of educational materials that spur the interest of students in Arabic and encourage them to learn it and the creation of platforms for dialogue in Arabic at various educational levels and for multiple purposes.

    The Center’s tasks also include establishing, supervising and monitoring training centers and poles, and training local experts, national education officials and teachers who implement comprehensive and sustainable programmes in the field of teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers to promote the Arabic language in their countries. The Center also establishes specialized scientific chairs which contribute to developing universities, promoting their regional and international openness, and encouraging specialized linguistic, scientific, educational, or cultural-social research outside the Arab world. To fulfill its pioneering role and meet the needs of ICESCO Member States and non-Member States, the Center offers training sessions to teachers of Arabic to non-Arabic speakers across the globe, and follows up on training programmes for national educational experts and officials in ICESCO’s centers and poles specializing in the field of Arabic for non-Arabic speakers through its “Mishkat” e-learning platform, which is a network system for educational proficiency.


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