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    Shaping the future of the Islamic World
    and beyond

    The Islamic world is poised to reach a population of nearly 3 billion by 2060 and is expected to become the largest global community by 2070.

    The Islamic World Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization has always endeavored to convey the enormous wealth of the region. Accordingly, The Strategic Foresight Center was created in January 2020 as an initiative of ICESCO with the support of its 54 member states during the 41st executive council of the organization held in Abu Dhabi, in order to provide strategic responses to an increasingly uncertain and complex environment.

    ICESCO has been a forerunner with respect to establishing such a center, as the organization thought of it prior to the COVID-19 crisis.

    Thanks to the foresight’s concrete and scientific methodologies, ICESCO will support the development capacities of its Member States, which will result in innovative solutions.

    The Strategic Foresight Center of ICESCO is the first think-tank of its kind in Africa and the Islamic world, operating with a proactive foresight approach targeting the local, regional, and international levels, a method that supports the role of the center as a hub of expertise.

    At a time when the global crisis is taking hold in an unprecedented framework, The Strategic Foresight Center of ICESCO intends to navigate through the avalanches of rapid change. Aware that an alternative world is indeed at hand, The Center, therefore, strives to unveil new collective paradigms in the Islamic world and beyond.


    Fostering the culture of Anticipation and Foresight

    The Center strives to encourage individuals and organizations in the Islamic World and beyond to proactively think about and plan for potential futures, rather than solely reacting to them. This can be achieved through a variety of methods, such as promoting a forward-thinking mindset throughout the organization of various events, workshops, and roundtables as well as regularly conducting scenario-building exercises. Additionally, incorporating a diverse range of reimagining the future.

    Think Tank

    The Strategic Foresight Center of ICESCO aims to serve as an independent think tank that aims to bridge the gap between academic research and decision-making in the Islamic world by providing independent analysis of global and regional issues, conducting research, and providing recommendations to ICESCO's Member States, thus helping the organization to make informed decisions in its areas of expertise.

    of expertise

    The Strategic Foresight Center is considered a center of expertise as it plays a central role in bringing together multidisciplinary experts from different fields to conduct research, share insights, and provide policy recommendations. The center also has access to data and information, is forward-looking, has a network of experts, and is connected to other organizations.

    Key Projects

    Elaborating Strategic and Foresight studies
    Foresight is a science; however, most strategic studies do not have a foresight vocation, and foresight studies do not have a strategic vocation. Therefore, the Strategic Foresight Center strives to fill this void that exists around the scientific arena in the Islamic world and beyond.
    The Strategic Foresight Center endeavors to create a common knowledge base that encompasses all the expertise of the Islamic world around the idea of reimagining resilient and prosperous futures.
    Specific Programs
    The Center strives, within the framework of a specific action plan, to produce cutting-edge research that helps decision-makers better understand the challenges of the future. This is done through programs that focus on specific regional issues in ICESCO's areas of expertise, including education, science and culture, and all other related fields.
    Special attention is given to both training the present and future generations in order to provide them with the necessary tools to make better decisions and take ownership of their futures. In this regard, the Center has trained more than 5,000 individuals across the different member states.
    Strategic monitoring
    By implementing an alert system to inform the ICESCO’s member states through identifying the main factors of change, heavy trends, and weak signals related to ICESCO’s fields of expertise.
    Adopting an AI strategy for the benefit of ICESCO Member States
    The center has put in place an AI strategy that examines its ethics and modes of use, in order to build resilient and prosperous futures by making the most of what disruptive new technologies present as invaluable opportunities. In addition to that the center has been mandated to elaborate the Islamic World Artificial Intelligence Charter.

    Fortifying Systems,

    Reshaping Minds

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