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    ICESCO Hosts 3rd Annual Scientific and Educational Exhibition

    2 June 2024

    The 3rd Annual Scientific and Educational Exhibition was held on Saturday, 1 June 2024 at the headquarters of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) in Rabat. The exhibition is organized by the Collège Scientifique Agdal-Rabat, in the Kingdom of Morocco, in cooperation with ICESCO’s Education Sector, with the participation of 200 students, a large number of parents and officials from the institution, as well as the members of the project and innovation assessment committee.

    The Exhibition aims to develop students‘ talent, creativity and scientific thinking, to achieve excellence in education and science, and to translate theoretical knowledge into practical and technical applications, through scientific competitions and the showcasing of students’ knowledge and skills.

    In her Address at the exhibition’s opening, Dr. Koumbou Boly Barry, Head of ICESCO’s Education Sector, stressed the Organization’s commitment to encouraging creativity and innovation among students to build a generation capable of contributing to global and sustainable development.

    For his part, Dr. Aiman Abdul Karim, Director of the Collège Scientifique Agdal-Rabat, stressed the importance of the exhibition and emphasized ICESCO’s role in encouraging educational institutions and improving their performance in delivering innovation and scientific creativity.

    Following the opening remarks, the exhibition began with the presentation of the members of the scientific committee, composed of inventors, professors, scientific researchers and experts. This was followed by the evaluation tour, during which the scientific committee assessed the projects and met for deliberations to announce the results and award the prizes to the winners.

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