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    Great Praise for the Achievements of “New ICESCO” at a Seminar in Tangier’s Council of Ulema Headquarters

    8 June 2024

    The remarkable successes and achievements of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), and the development and modernization it has undergone in the past five years under its new foresighted vision, were highly praised by speakers, including intellectuals and experts, at the seminar “ICESCO and the issue of Evolution and Reform.” The Event was organized by the Abdallah Guennoun Foundation for Culture and Scientific Research and the International Civil Society Organization for Values of Citizenship, Development, and Dialogue in Tangier, Morocco, to honor Dr. Salim M. AlMalik, Director-General of ICESCO.

    The Seminar kicked off today, Saturday 8 June 2024, in the lecture hall of Tangier’s Council of Ulema, with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran. This was followed by an address from Dr. Mohammed Guennoun, President of the Abdallah Guennoun Foundation for Culture and Scientific Research, who emphasized that honoring ICESCO and its Director-General is an anchoring of the value of justice and Islamic principles by recognizing and rewarding diligent and sincere work, thereby encouraging further contributions.

    Dr. Mustapha Zebakh, President of the International Civil Society Organization for Values of Citizenship, Development, and Dialogue, stated in his speech that ICESCO, under the leadership of Dr. Salim M. AlMalik, is currently experiencing a phase of development and reform. He noted that it is challenging to summarize the Organization’s accomplishments, which the seminar aimed to provide an evaluative and appreciative reading of.

    Dr. AlMalik began his address by expressing his gratitude for the initiative by the Abdallah Guennoun Foundation and the Civil Society Organization to honor ICESCO and its Director-General. He noted that this recognition of the Organization’s work is a prized accolade, enhanced by the distinguished attendance at the seminar in radiant and influential Tangier.

    His Excellency explained that the moment of honoring ICESCO and its Director-General is a moment to reflect on every great challenge, sharpening the motivation of all ICESCO staff to continue their dedication and hard work. He concluded his address by reciting the poem “Glorious Tangier,” which he composed in admiration of the Moroccan “Bride of the North.”

    Mr. Hani Mansi, Advisor to the Saudi National Commission for Education, Culture, and Science, expressed his great pride in the partnership between ICESCO and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    Ambassador Azzedine Saeed Al-Asbahi, Ambassador of Yemen to Morocco, began the praise and testimonials by noting that ICESCO’s modernization and development experience in recent years warrants reflection. He mentioned that ICESCO has undergone significant changes in its vision and legislative structure, including organizational and operational updates.

    Dr. Khalid Samadi, President of the Moroccan Center for Educational Studies and Research, summarized his testimony on ICESCO’s new era under Dr. AlMalik’s leadership in several points, including the Organization’s ability to communicate, its openness, and its commitment to building bridges and embracing various fields to keep up with modern developments and challenges.

    Dr. Abdullah Bennaceur Alawi, President of the Moroccan Association for Academic Arab Studies, highlighted in his testimony that ICESCO’s new vision projects its sight towards the future, and Dr. AlMalik’s leadership has propelled the Organization into new horizons.

    The Seminar also featured several poetic recitations by Dr. Abdellatif Chehboun, a professor of higher education in Morocco; Dr. Souad Nasser, a professor at Abdelmalek Essaadi University in Tetouan; and Dr. Ahmed Hachim Raissouni, Head of the Department of Literary Studies at the same university.

    In his remarks, Ambassador Khalid Fathalrahman, Director of ICESCO’s Center for Civilizational Dialogue, emphasized that civilizational dialogue shapes ICESCO’s new comprehensive vision, aspiring to be an organization of international civilizational influence. He explained that the idea of establishing a Civilizational Dialogue Center, extending beyond religious dialogue, was Dr. AlMalik’s initiative, ensuring the uniqueness of the Center’s activity.

    For his part, Dr. Omar Halli, Advisor to ICESCO’s Director-General for the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World, noted that the Organization’s new vision aligns with global transformations, providing it with the ability to address new developments in higher education, particularly in medicine, engineering, and future professions.

    Dr. Mahjoub Bensaid, a researcher in communication sciences and civilizational dialogue, considered honoring ICESCO’s Director-General as an embodiment of recognition and appreciation, as ICESCO has become a major international organization and a beacon of global cultural influence.

    Mr. Rachid El-Bakkali, Director of Cultural and Educational Islamic Affairs at ICSO, stated that ICESCO has made significant efforts to develop e-learning in its Member States.

    Mr. Najib Rhiati, former cultural advisor to ICESCO’s Director-General, mentioned that Dr. AlMalik successfully managed the Organization by diagnosing its needs and making it an ambitious entity with boundless aspirations. Mr. Mohamed Salem Echarkaoui, Acting Director of Bayt Mal Al-Quds Agency, praised ICESCO’s development and modernization over the past years.

    At the conclusion of the seminar, Dr. Mohammed Guennoun, President of the Abdallah Guennoun Foundation, and Dr. Mustaphaa Zabakh, President of the International Civil Society Organization, presented a commemorative shield and a certificate of appreciation to Dr. Salim M. AlMalik, Director-General of ICESCO.

    In his closing remarks, Dr. AlMalik thanked the seminar organizers and attendees, emphasizing that ICESCO’s achievements are a continuation of the work of its predecessors. He acknowledged the contributions of the late Dr. Abdelhadi Boutaleb, ICESCO’s first Director-General, and Dr. Abdelaziz Touijri, the Organization’s former Director-General.

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