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    Signing Agreement to establish ICESCO Chair at the International Space University in France

    16 December 2023

    The Islamic World Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) and the International Space University in France have signed an Agreement to establish the ICESCO Chair for “Space Engineering and Space Sciences” at the University. This Agreement seeks to enhance scientific research and training in the field of space systems engineering and space sciences, establish standards for documenting studies, exchange information in the field, and facilitate collaboration among professors and researchers in universities and institutions specialized in space sciences.

    The Agreement was signed by Dr. Salim M. Al-Malik, ICESCO Director-General, and Dr. Nicolas Peter, President of the International Space University, on Friday 15 December 2023, through teleconferencing. Dr. Taiwo Tejumola, Chair’s Director, and Dr. Muhammad Sharif, Advisor in the Science and Technology Sector at ICESCO, also participated in the signing.

    In his remark, Dr. Al-Malik underscored that this Chair addresses the imperative to cultivate the capabilities of researchers and enhance collaboration among those working in space engineering and sciences.

    Moreover, he affirmed ICESCO’s commitment to support space exploration efforts and the development of modern sciences and technology to improve life on Earth, preserve the planet facing numerous challenges, and promote knowledge and innovation. On the other hand, Dr. Peter reiterated that the International Space University, through its partnership with ICESCO, attempts to nurture the skills of youth and elevate their aspirations, recognizing that talents transcend geographical boundaries.

    According to the terms of the Agreement, the ICESCO Chair at the International Space University in France aims to contribute to the completion of several scientific research projects in the field of space sciences. It also seeks to raise awareness of professional development opportunities in the field of space engineering, foster collaboration between the University and the Organization in advancing higher education curricula in engineering and space sciences for ICESCO Member States, and encourage knowledge exchange.

    Following the signing of the Agreement, the ICESCO Director-General addressed the young graduates during the graduation ceremony at the International Space University via teleconferencing. He extended warm congratulations and offered words of encouragement, urging them to persist in their endeavors to contribute to the development of space sciences in order to tackle future challenges with a combination of scientific passion, an inquisitive spirit of exploration, and love for knowledge.

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