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    ICESCO and Azerbaijan review developments of partnership in education, science and culture

    21 November 2022

    Minister of Culture of Azerbaijan awards ‘Shusha Medal’ to ICESCO Director-General

    Dr. Salim M. AlMalik, Director-General of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), and Dr. Anar Karimov, Minister of Culture, Chairman of Azerbaijan National Commission for Education, Science and Culture, held a meeting to explore the developments of the great partnership between ICESCO and Azerbaijan, and follow up on the implementation of joint programmes and projects in various fields and the future cooperation programmes and projects.

    Afterwards, they held another meeting, on Sunday (20 November 2022), at ICESCO Headquarters, in Rabat, which saw the presence of the delegation accompanying the Minister of Culture, and Mr. Nazim Samadov, Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Morocco, as well as Dr. Abdelilah Benarafa, Deputy Director-General of ICESCO, and several heads of sector and directors of department and centers of ICESCO.

    At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. AlMalik and Dr. Karimov reaffirmed their keenness to strengthen the great partnership between ICESCO and Azerbaijan, which has reached new horizons since the visit of the ICESCO Director-General and his delegation to Azerbaijan, in January 2021, and their reception by His Excellency President Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic Azerbaijan, in the presidential palace in Baku.

    ICESCO Director-General expressed his pride in the outstanding projects and programmes launched in partnership between ICESCO and the Republic of Azerbaijan, commending Azerbaijan’s support for ICESCO’s initiatives and programmes, particularly in the fields of youth capacity-building in innovation and modern technologies, safeguarding heritage and promoting peace and intercultural dialogue.

    The heads of sector and directors of department of ICESCO reviewed the salient programmes and initiatives that the Organization launched and implemented, in partnership with Azerbaijan, within the framework of its new vision and strategic orientations.

    For his part, Dr. Karimov stressed the Republic of Azerbaijan’s willingness to support ICESCO, commending its roles and efforts geared towards upholding the values of unity and solidarity in the Islamic world, building peace, promoting the values of tolerance, coexistence and intercultural dialogue, and rejecting violence.

    He pointed out that Azerbaijan submitted a request to ICESCO to proclaim Shusha as the Culture Capital of the Islamic World for 2024 given its rich heritage and historical value, and a celebration of its reconstruction. He also explained that the competent authorities nearly completed the procedural matters related to the opening of ICESCO’s regional office in Baku, which will be inaugurated at the beginning of next year.

    At the close of the meeting, the Minister of Culture of Azerbaijan awarded the ‘Shusha Medal’ to ICESCO Director-General, stressing that this medal, which is awarded on the anniversary of the liberation of Shusha, is an appreciation for the efforts of Dr. AlMalik and ICESCO in supporting the Republic of Azerbaijan to preserve its cultural and civilizational heritage.

    Afterward, Dr. AlMalik took Dr. Karimov and his delegation on a tour to the Exhibition of the International Fair and Museum of the Prophet’s Biography and Islamic Civilization, which is being held in partnership between ICESCO, the Muslim World League and Mohammadia League of Scholars, at ICESCO Headquarters, aimed at introducing the Prophet’s biography, the Islamic civilization, the noble morals of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, and the purposes of the lofty message of Islam.

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