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    Cairo to host a regional workshop for decision-makers on “Use of space technologies in Member States”

    3 September 2019

    Rabat: 03/09/2019

    Cairo to host a regional workshop for decision-makers on “Use of space technologies in Member States”

    The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organzation (ISESCO), in cooperation with the Regional Center for Remote Sensing of the States of North Africa (CRTEAN) and the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS), will hold a regional workshop for decision-makers on the use of space technologies in Member States on 9-11 September 2019 in Cairo, Republic of Egypt.

    The workshop aims at introducing decision-makers to the need of North African countries in terms of geospacial data and information and the viability of implementing a regional capacity-building programme in this field; involving them in building a digital database for scientific cooperation based on terrestrial monitoring networks, particularly environmental and climate networks; understanding the advantages and risks of the economy which is based on geospacial data; learning about efficient digital technologies; processing and protecting data; respecting privacy in accordance with the applicable laws; and encouraging them to apply these know-hows, promote compatible policies, exchange information, and build-up trust among stakeholders interested in national policies and civil society actors.

    The agenda of the workshop features the uses of spacial data to support decision-makers in projects of infrustructure and land-use planning, use of numerical models and spacial data to identify climate variabilities and their local and regional environmenal impacts in North Africa and the neighbouring countries, use of spacial data and information to identify and compare the environmental changes, natural and human-made disasters, and related economic risks within the local, regional and continental context.

    The workshop will benefit scientists, researchers and experts from Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, the Sudan, Lybia and Mauritania. It also targets decision-makers and leaders from the relvant naional ministries, bodies, institutions and specialized centers as well as researchers and specialists from the national scientific and academic institutions, universities, research institutes, specialized centers, scientific associations, civil society organizations acting in this field and other relevant parties.

    ISESCO will be represented in this event by Dr Aicha Bammoun, Programme Specialist at the Directorate of Science and Technology.

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