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    Inauguration of new headquarters of ICESCO’s Regional Educational Centre in Chad in presence of high-level officials

    27 November 2023

    The new headquarters of ICESCO’s Regional Educational Centre in Chad was inaugurated today, November 27, 2023 in N ‘Djamena, the capital city of Chad, in the presence of Dr. Salem Al Malik, Director-General of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), Mr. Musa Khadam, Minister of National Education and Civic Promotion, a host of senior officials, public figures, representative of Qatar Charity and a number of the Center graduates.

    In his statement during the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Al-Malik emphasized ICESCO’s keenness to expand the establishment of regional centers for teaching Arabic for non- Arabic speakers in its member and non-member States, as part of the Organization’s desire to provide programmes and activities directly to the communities of the Islamic world, noting the role of the Regional Educational Centre in Chad, which has become beacon of education in the African continent.

    ICESCO Director-General added that the Centre’s transfer to its new headquarters is a quantum leap towards modernizing its roles and working mechanisms in line with the Organization’s new vision. He commended the achievements of the Centre in recent years which has made it the first educational institution at the national level in training Arabic teachers to teach in the public educational elementary stage with 7645 teachers trained so far. With these achievements, the Centre has established a new branch in the city of Sarh to add to the other branch in the city of Abéché.

    Dr. Al-Malik thanked the President, the Government and the people of Chad for their hospitality and for their keen interest in the development of Arab education, noting the great role played by the Ministry of National Education and all stakeholders, and the central role of Qatar Charity Foundation, which supported the construction of the Centre’s new headquarters.

    In turn, the Ministry of National Education and Civic Promotion reaffirmed his country’s appreciation for the significant role played by ICESCO in contributing to the development of its areas of competence in its Member States pointing out that the new headquarters of the Educational Centre with modern equipment and facilities would support Chad in addressing the challenges of educational infrastructure.

    Mr. Abdelhamid Mohammed, Director of Qatar Charity Office in Chad, expressed the Foundation’s pride in cooperating with ICESCO in such educational and development programmes and projects, expressing the Foundation’s readiness to develop bilateral cooperation to launch projects and activities in areas of mutual interest.

    In his statement, Dr. Ali Mohamed Qamar, Director of ICESCO’s Regional Educational Centre in Chad, reviewed the activities and programmes implemented by the Centre during its pilot period, noting the continued support of ICESCO’s General Directorate for the Centre and its readiness to complete the construction of its new headquarters.

    Later, ICESCO Director-General and the Minister of National Education, Civic Promotion and the other officials toured the Centre’s galleries, rooms and facilities, namely the language laboratory, which includes up-to-date technologies.

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