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    ICESCO Announces its Willingness to Hold Dialogue With the Afghani Authorities to Find Solution for Girls Education issue

    30 December 2022

    Considering that education is at the forefront of its plans and activities, the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) is observing the development of the girls education issue in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, which currently witnesses the intervention of various parties.

    Given that education is inalienable human right and one of the foundations of sustainable development, ICESCO pays utmost importance to women education within the framework of its vision and plans.

    Building on its principles of action with Member States and reaffirming the relevance of dialogue, which is based on mutual understanding, ICESCO announces its willingness to hold dialogue with the Afghani authorities with a view to finding the best solution for this issue and ensure social security and the contribution of various social groups to achieving progress and development in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

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