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    ICESCO and Egyptian Ministry of Culture Launch Turathy Photography Competition

    14 April 2022

    The Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) and the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, represented by the National Organization for Civilization Coordination, announced the launch of the “Turathy Photography Competition” intending to encourage photographers in the Islamic world to creatively monitor and document heritage buildings and areas in Cairo and other cities in the ICESCO Member States.

    The Competition, which is part of the activities of the Celebration of Cairo, Culture Capital in the Islamic World, is divided into two sections; the first is the heritage of Cairo, which is open to photographers and all those interested from the Arab Republic of Egypt. The second section is the heritage of the cities of the Islamic world, which is open to photographers from the other ICESCO Member States. In each section, the prize money of the competition is set as follows:
    First winner: one thousand five hundred dollars,
    Second winner: one thousand dollars,
    Third winner: seven hundred and fifty dollars,
    Fourth winner: five hundred dollars.

    The competition aims to rediscover the architectural heritage and shed light on the aesthetic value of architecture. It encourages photographers to aim their lenses at the architectural heritage of the Organization’s Member States and capture its splendor and details to create artistic photographs that highlight its civilizational dimension. Photographers are encouraged to lay particular emphasis on heritage sites and areas that reflect the distinguished architectural styles of a particular era, spontaneous architecture in a local environment or one that is unique and rare, buildings and sites relating to national history, historical milestones and personalities, as well as unique urban areas of outstanding value.

    The conditions of participation in the competition are as follows:

    • The entry must be relevant to the competition’s theme and sections.
    • Each entrant is allowed to submit a maximum of three photographs.
    • Members of the organizing parties or jury are not allowed to participate in the competition.
    • Submitted photographs must not have already won this or any other competition.
    • The submitted photograph must be in high-quality resolution of no less than 300 PPI, in JPG format, with a 12 quality, in RGB colors, using an sRGB profile, with a size of no less than 20 cm x 30 cm, and with each photograph size not exceeding 25 MB.
    • Photographs may be technically improved by resetting their contrast, colors or lighting to ensure without introducing any changes to their content.
    • Photographs containing written text or signatures cannot be accepted.
    • Each entrant is allowed to participate in just one of the competition’s sections.

    For participation, entrants must fill in the special registration and participation form via the link below:
    Entries must be attached to an email and directed to the following email addresses: turathy@urbanharmony.org turathy444@gmail.com
    The entrant will receive a confirmation of receipt in their email.

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