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    ICESCO DG Receives Ambassador of Greece to Rabat

    22 September 2020

    Dr. Salim M. AlMalik, Director-General (DG) of the Islamic World Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), received yesterday, September 21, Mr. Nicolaos Argyos, Ambassador of Greece to Morocco.

    The two officials explored cooperation prospects between ICESCO and Greece.

    At Organization’s headquarters in Rabat, Dr. AlMalik reaffirmed ICESCO’s great progress over the past year following the Executive Council’s adoption of the General Directorate’s plans.

    The reshuffling included the modification of Organization’s name, becoming the “Islamic World Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO).” The update reflected the nature of the civilizational message and objectives, widening its international influence and opportunities.

    Dr. AlMalik also highlighted ICESCO’s recent strategy to ensure effective communication and inclusion with Member and non-Member States, international organizations, and civil society institutions.

    “ICESCO seeks partnerships that ensure the right to inclusive and equal education for all, support scientific research and innovation benefitting humanity, and preserve cultural and civilizational heritage as a mean to preserve identity,” elaborated the Dr. AlMalik.

    He continued that “Greece has an extensive background in the preservation and conservation of heritage. We should cooperate and capitalize on its experience in this field.”

    Ms. Elena Vlachogianni, representative of the Minister of Culture and Sports of Greece, took part in the International Virtual Conference on “Combating Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Property and its Restitution, held by ICESCO last July.”

    ICESCO adopted a new Charter allowing non-Member States to join the Organization as observers. The membership gives full access to ICESCO’s activities, albeit not the right to vote.

    Observers can also hold agreements and partnerships, and exchange expertise with countries of the Islamic world. The DG invited Greece to join ICESCO as an observer state.

    Dr. AlMalik reviewed ICESCO’s major initiatives, programs, and activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Organization and donors supported Member States to ensure schooling continuity, access to prevention tools, training in best-cost sanitizer production units.

    The Organization established specialized centers for strategic foresight, Artificial Intelligence, Arabic courses for non-native speakers, heritage, dialogue, and cultural diversity, added Dr. AlMalik.

    ICESCO also organized ministerial conferences and international forums during the pandemic, with the participation of the heads of states and renowned international figures.

    Ambassador Argyos commended ICESCO’s work during the outbreak and the promotion of intercultural, inter-civilizational and inter-religious dialogues.

    The Greek ambassador also stressed his country’s interest in cooperating with ICESCO and his intention to take an active step in moving forward with it.

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