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    “2019-2020: A Year of Achievements” highlights ICESCO major achievements

    11 May 2020

    The Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) prepared a report on the key achievements accomplished by ICESCO General Directorate in a year, since Dr. Salim M. AlMalik, ICESCO Director General, took office in 9 May 2019. The report was disseminated to the respective members of the General Conference and Executive Council, as well as the National Commissions of the Organization’s 54 Member States.

    At the beginning of the report, the Director General gave a brief statement, “I was honored to assume the position of ICESCO Director General and earn the trust of the Member States during the Extraordinary Session of ICESCO General Conference, held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on 9 May 2019. This date marks the beginning of a new promising phase in the Organization’s history and reflects our commitment to consolidate its gains; adopt renewal, enhancement and innovation measures, and overhaul the Organization’s working culture”. The Director General added that the goal was to make ICESCO a beacon of global outreach within its realms of competence, able to overcome challenges and keep pace with regional and international changes. “The aim was also to promote multilateral cooperation and partnerships, decentralizing efforts to further reflect the ground realities of education, science, and culture at all levels.  It responds to the aspirations of the Islamic world for sustainable development and a prosperous future through developments of projects, programmes, and initiatives with concrete field impact on the targeted categories”, the Director General ascertained.  

    “2019-2020: A Year of Achievements” first highlights aspects of the new ICESCO’s governance model, most notably the modification of the Organization’s name and logo, development of a new strategic vision, and devising a new organizational structure of the Organization. The report also mentions the creation of new centers and departments, the drafting of a new Charter, as well as compliant regulations consistent with the international policies applicable in similar institutions.  Furthermore, the digitization and utilization of the working methodologies and modern technology are, respectively, now being initiated to facilitate the implementation of projects and programmes, including the automation of administrative and communication systems with reputed external parties.

    The report also features the adoption of new financial regulations that are on par with the new international financial and accounting standards.  More importantly, a payment scheme for the outstanding arrears of Member States to ICESCO’s budget by allocating significant portion of these financial obligations to implementing projects in Member States.  Also, additional funding sources for the Organization’s budget is now being sought from external sources with the setting up ICESCO Waqf Development Fund to ensure the stability of the Organization’s financial resources.
    As for the development of partnership and cooperation, the report highlights the Organization’s achievements over a year that includes the establishment of the International Consultative Council; the reopening ICESCO Office at UNESCO in Paris; the signing new programme agreement with UNESCO; and the preparation of a draft charter for the National Commissions; and, the draft framework status for ICESCO’s Observer States aimed at promoting partnership with non-Member States, regional and international organizations.

    The report also mentions the Organization’s environment-friendly conferences and forums that uphold foresight and social changes, including the Conference of Environment Ministers of the Islamic World, Conference of Culture Ministers, ICESCO Cultural Forum, and the Future Forum.

    Finally, the report discusses key initiatives, programmes, and projects launched by the Organization amid the coronavirus outbreak, which aimed to support the efforts of ICESCO Member States to mitigate the crisis impact, and encourage scientific research and use of modern technology and AI applications in the Islamic world to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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