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    ICESCO, Rabat - Kingdom of Morocco.



    General informations

    • Department of Social Community Development, gender and research
    • Post No : P016
    • Announcement Ref.: SHS_002_21
    • Work location: Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO),Rabat – Kingdom of Morocco.
    • Type of contract: Fixed-term
    • Recruitment open for : External candidates
    • Duration of contract: One (01) renewable year
    • Date of announcement: 13 December 2022
    • Nomination submission deadline: 28 December 2022 at 00:00 country headquarters Time, Rabat – Kingdom of

    Post objective

    Preparing studies and launching initiatives to monitor and examine social and humanitarian issues in the field of community development and gender issues so as to find suitable solutions for social and humanitarian issues, achieving social peace and development and building a better world in Member States.


    • Developing general plans, programs and activities related to community development and gender issues;
    • Conducting research, studies and statistics in the field of human and social sciences, gender and social integration approaches, and reducing and addressing gender-based violence;
    • Providing advice to enhance Member States’ policies and find the best international practices in the field of human and social sciences;
    • Preparing research works and field studies on key social issues which have a direct impact on community development and gender issues in the Islamic world;
    • Delivering lectures and holding workshops on social and humanitarian issues facing Member States and ways to tackle them for sustainable development and other relevant topics;
    • Suggesting programs likely to contribute to spreading social and humanitarian awareness among the members of society and developing innovative mechanisms in the fields of human development and Applied Humanities in collaboration with specialized experts;
    • Any other tasks assigned within the framework of the post.

    Qualifications and requirements

    Academic qualifications:

    • Have a Master’s degree in Social Sciences or a specialty that is compatible with the post’s tasks and duties;

    Professional experience:

    Have no less than 8 years of experience in one of the following areas:

    • Gender equality and organizing women’s empowerment activities;
    • Gender and economic empowerment;
    • Gender-based violence;
    • Gender and conflict resolution;
    • Excellent communication and writing skills and the ability to provide data accurately;
    • Ability to work as a team, collaborate with other sectors and organize fruitful meetings.
    • At least 3 years of professional experience in an international organization.


    • Good command of at least two of ICESCO’s working languages (Arabic, English and French).

    Skills and competencies:

    • The candidate should be familiar with mobilization processes, means and techniques.
    • Effectiveness in the workplace and personal development;
    • Excellent analytical skills, especially with regard to social processes;
    • Good communication and writing skills;

    Salary, allowances and benefits

    • In case of recruitment, the candidate will benefit from the bonuses and privileges set forth in ICESCO Staff Regulations.
    • The processing of applications shall be subject to the above mentioned criteria and may include tests or evaluations in addition to a job interview.
    • In the evaluation process, ICESCO uses communication technologies.

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