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    From 22 May 2024,
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    ICESCO High Level Ministerial Dialogue Transforming Education: Pathways to ICESCO Education Ministers Conference Muscat, Oct 2024 – 22nd May 2024 London

    The Education 2030 Agenda provides a Universal all-inclusive approach for global community to ensure objectives outlined under SDG-4. In order to do so, the need for sensitization and course setting was fulfilled by Transforming Education Summit (TES), September, 2022 at NY through a detailed Commitment to Action (CtA) and various important declarations were made in line with the scope of specified Action Tracks leading towards Edu 2030 Agenda.

    The SDG-4 midterm progress review, 2023 states that the progress since 2015 has been far too slow and the analysis states that if countries were on track to meet their national 2030 targets, six million more Children would have been in Early Childhood Education, 58 million more children, adolescents & youth would have been in schools and 1.7 more primary teachers have been trained. It further says that from now onwards, in order to fulfil 2030 targets:

    • 1.4 million need to be enrolled in Early Childhood Education
    • Annual progress in primary completion rate needs almost to triple.
    • A new child needs to be enrolled every 2 seconds until 2030 with special focus on girls’ enrolment.
    • All-inclusive transformational plan/intervention for reducing the Learning Poverty, which has reached to 80% in low/middle income countries.
    • Induction and preparation of more trained teachers with comprehensive annual teachers training programs and Establishment of Centre of Excellence(s) in Pedagogical Skills.
    • Need for increase in Domestic Financing in Education, which has diminished 15% in half of low/middle income countries since year 2020.
    • Digital content & technologies in education changes every 38 months. A holistic review of Digital Transformation in Education is required, which has largely remained a challenge.
    • National Frameworks facilitating connect between Curriculum Development, Teaching, Assessments, Higher Education and TVET.

    Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) is set to hold 3th Education Ministers Conference in its member state Sultanate of Oman on 2-3 October 2024. The Conference, which will be attended by the Education Ministers of 53 member states and topnotch individuals & reputed organizations working the field of education and sustainability, shall have a scientific analysis report of TES detailing the progress from commitments to actions presented before the Ministers for review.

    ICESCO with its partners has been engaged in frequent brainstorming to facilitate best possible stage for ICESCO member states in order to fast-track the transformative process of Education for life long learning and economic prosperity through shared knowledge and best practices. In order to do so and as one of the warming up sessions towards October Ministerial Conference, ICESCO has planned to hold a High-Level Ministerial Dialogue on the Process of Transformation of Education in London on 22nd May 2024, which is expected to be attended by Ministers from Asia, Africa and Gulf member states.

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