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    Third Meeting of “A Ramadan Journey into the Depths of the Human Soul” Forum Explores Human Relations

    22 March 2024

    The headquarters of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) in Rabat hosted, on Friday, 22 March 2024, the third meeting of the scientific forum, “A Ramadan Journey into the Depths of the Human Soul.” The Forum was organized by ICESCO in cooperation with the Group of Spouses of Arab Ambassadors and Heads of International Organizations accredited to the Kingdom of Morocco.

    Dr. Khadija Abouzid, Professor of Higher Education at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Mohammed V University in Rabat, delivered a lecture on “Human Relations: Pathway of Good Deeds.” The Lecture was attended by Dr. Salim M. AlMalik, ICESCO Director General, a host of ambassadors accredited to Morocco, members of the Group of Spouses, and a large audience from the general public.

    The meeting kicked off with a general introduction by Dr. Yusra bint Hussain Al-Jazairy, member of the Group of Spouses, who remarked that the lecture is a continuation of previous meetings during this blessed month of Ramadan. Dr. Al-Jazairy presented several qur’anic verses and hadiths on the significance of wisdom in Islam and its association with the purification of souls. Moreover, Dr. Al-Jazairy stated that purification fosters wisdom and that ethics are the pathway to wisdom, which is not limited to the day-to-day dealings of people but rather an identifying mark of every community.

    Dr. Al-Jazairy also emphasized the importance of implementing behavioral psychology practices in work environments that cater to teamwork and effective communication between employees and managers, stressing the need to focus on the psychological aspect in work environments to enhance productivity and ensure business sustainability.

    Following, Dr. Khadija Abouzid began her lecture by affirming that Islamic jurisprudence concerns two categories; acts of worship and dealings among people. Moreover, Dr. Abouzid discussed the centrality of marital relationships as a foundation for human relations and the first step in building a balanced individual within the family.

    Furthermore, Dr. Abouzid highlighted the importance of prayer in purifying, disciplining, and taming the desires of the human soul, stressing the necessity of introducing children to prayer from an early age due to its crucial role in human development, instilling commitment, enhancing the sense of responsibility, and disciplining.

    Dr. Abouzid reviewed the aspects of human relations in Islam, mainly mercy, and stressed the power of words in maintaining relationships with grace and beauty. Dr. Abouzid concluded her lecture by stating that human relations are of many types, mainly gracious forgiveness, gracious patience and gracious avoidance.

    Following the lecture, a discussion session was opened, during which Dr. Khadija Abouzid answered several questions.

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