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    In solidarity with the Palestinian people, ICESCO provides financial support to Palestinian students in Morocco

    1 December 2023

    As part of its observance of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1977, the Islamic World Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) welcomed over a hundred young Palestinian students studying at various Moroccan universities. The gathering took place at ICESCO headquarters in Rabat, where the Organization unveiled its initiative to provide financial grants to these students, in order to offer support amid the challenging circumstances confronting their families in Palestine due to the brutal Israeli aggression.

    Addressing the Palestinian students on Thursday 30 November 2023, Dr. Salim M. AlMalik, ICESCO Director-General, expressed his joy at their visit to the Organization’s headquarters, and recognized their symbolic representation of the Palestinian cause and the ongoing sacrifices and honor it embodies. He noted that ICESCO, along with all its leaderships and staff, shares the students’ grief for those the martyrs, beseeching Allah Almighty for the prompt recovery of the wounded, the release of the captives, and the safe return of the displaced to their homes.

    Dr. AlMalik affirmed that ICESCO’s support for the Palestinian students in Morocco reflects a sincere effort to demonstrate solidarity, highlighting the Kingdom’s warm embrace of these students and acknowledging the care they receive from the officials of the State of Palestine and its Embassy in Rabat.

    Moreover, he called on the Palestinian students to empower themselves with knowledge to actively support their country with enthusiasm and determination, recognizing the honor this endeavor holds. He further stressed that the youth and children in Palestine are capable of writing a history marked by dignity, heroism, and sacrifices, notwithstanding the challenging events unfolding in their homeland.

    Mr. Jamal Al Shobaki, Ambassador of Palestine to Morocco, commended ICESCO’s initiative, emphasizing its alignment with the Organization’s noble mission within its areas of competence, especially amid the unprecedented aggression by the Israeli occupation forces against all Palestinian State facilities.

    Mr. Mohamed Salem Cherkaoui, Acting Director of Bayt Mal Al-Quds Al-Sharif Agency, highlighted the Agency roles and efforts to support the Palestinian cause. With unwavering conviction, he affirmed that the Palestinian people will rise from the ruins to rebuild all that has been ravaged by the occupation.

    In his remark via video conferencing, Dr. Dawas Tayseer Dawas, Chairman of ICESCO’s Executive Council, Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Commission, shed light on ICESCO’s leading role in protecting the cultural and scientific capabilities in Palestine, and emphasized that the recent aggression prevented over 600,000 Palestinian students from continuing their education.

    Representing the Palestinian students, Majd Ghaben expressed deep appreciation for ICESCO’s support and took pride in the Organization’s youth-centered programs and initiatives. As a token of gratitude, he presented Dr. AlMalik with a Palestinian kuffiyeh, symbolizing acknowledgment of his and ICESCO’s efforts in supporting the Palestinian cause.

    Following the remarks, the students were given the opportunity to engage in discussions and share their opinions, aspirations, and expectations regarding the programs and initiatives they hope ICESCO will implement for their benefit.

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