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    ICESCO Invites Specialists to Contribute Research Papers on “Civilizational Diplomacy”

    1 September 2023

    The Islamic World Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), in collaboration with the University of Al-Qadi Ayyad in the Kingdom of Morocco, invites all researchers and specialists to submit research papers on the concept of civilizational diplomacy. An academic committee consisting of experts and professors in the field will evaluate the submitted research papers, awarding cash prizes to accepted papers and publishing them in a special edition that also includes the proceedings of the international conference dubbed “Civilizational Diplomacy… Intersectional Readings,” organized by ICESCO in partnership with Al-Qadi Ayyad University in Marrakech on June 2nd and 3rd, 2023.

    The research papers must address one of the conference’s themes, which include: contributions to the theoretical foundation of the concept of civilizational diplomacy, issues in civilizational diplomacy, and presumed roles of actors in civilizational diplomacy. The author of each accepted research paper will receive a financial award of USD500.

    To participate, research papers must be original and previously unpublished, meeting rigorous scientific research criteria regarding methodology, problem statement, and academic integrity in citations. An objective and scholarly approach must be employed, together with the adoption of an analytical style. Furthermore, the content of the research paper should not exceed 5,000 words, and its title should also be translated into English, with the provision of an English-language abstract of up to 150 words, along with a bibliography at the end of the study.

    Those interested in participating should send their submissions to the following email address: assia.elachouch@icesco.org.

    Please observe the following deadlines:

    • The deadline for receiving preliminary research proposals is October 15, 2023.
    • The deadline for delivering the finalized papers is
      November 25, 2023.

    This invitation comes as evidence of the firm belief in the importance of the concept of “civilizational diplomacy” which reflects the intersection of diplomatic relations with cultural and human dimensions. It aims to promote the values of peace and understanding among diverse peoples and cultures, harness cultural achievements to realize peaceful diplomatic objectives and enhance cooperation and the exchange of knowledge between nations and societies.

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