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    ICESCO Executive Council Concludes its Proceedings by Adopting the Final Documents of its 43rd Session

    24 December 2022

    The Executive Council of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) concluded its proceedings, on Friday, 23 December 2022, at the Organization’s Headquarters in Rabat, by adopting the final documents of its 43rd Session and the reports submitted by the General Directorate, and approving the offer of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to host the 44th Session, in December 2023.

    The meeting started with an opening session during which Dr. Salim M. AlMalik, ICESCO Director-General (DG), Dr. Mohamed Ayman Ashour, Egyptian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, President of the General Conference of ICESCO, and Dr. Dawas Tayseer Dawas, Chairman of the Executive Council of ICESCO, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Commission for Education, Culture and Science, addressed the Council.

    The working sessions included presentations by ICESCO’s sectors, departments and specialized centers on the programs and projects implemented during the current year, as well as discussions and interventions by Council members on the documents and plans submitted by the Organization’s General Directorate.

    In this connection, ICESCO DG reaffirmed that the Organization will strive to meet the needs of its Member States, calling for enhanced communication and cooperation.

    The Council adopted the Executive Report on ICESCO’s activities for 2021, the Organization’s financial reports for 2021, and the report on Member States’ contributions for 2021, as well as several administrative and legal documents and proposals.

    At the end of its meeting, the Council took many decisions, including the formal accession of the Lebanese Republic to ICESCO, which was invited to designate the competent parties for cooperation with the Organization.

    The Council also welcomed the proposal of His Excellency Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, to set up a fund to support talents in the Islamic world, calling on ICESCO to coordinate and cooperate with Egypt to draw up the legal framework, plans and mechanisms of action in consultation with Sudan, Morocco and Benin, and present the vision to the Executive Council at its next session.

    In the same vein, the Council adopted the outline of the ICESCO Draft Charter for Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse, entrusting the Organization with its elaboration for submission to the next Council.

    It also welcomed the implementation of ICESCO’s first session of the Young Professionals Program, calling on Member States to support it.

    In his address at the closing session, Dr. AlMalik reaffirmed that the Organization will do its utmost to meet the needs of its Member States and invest in its human capital in order to become a model of hope and action.

    The Chairman of ICESCO’s Executive Council thanked the Council members for the richness of their debates and interventions during the said sessions, commending the decisions adopted by the Council before announcing the closing of the 43rd Session.

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