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    ICESCO Regional Educational Center in Chad organizes two training sessions on teaching Arabic

    7 October 2022

    The ICESCO Regional Educational Center in Chad is holding two training sessions on teaching Arabic for the benefit of 50 French-speaking students in the National School of Magistrates. The session will be held for three months, from October to December 2022.

    This training session is part of the cooperation agreement between ICESCO’s Center and the National School of Magistrates in Chad and aims to introduce students to the basics of the Arabic language, including phonetics, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

    It also aims at introducing them to legal terms in Arabic and the principles of teaching Arabic for special purposes.The session will cover 720 hours of training for each class, with a rate of six hours a day, from Monday to Saturday.

    The students were divided into two groups, with 25 students per class.The session is taught by Mr. Soulaymane Ali Hamida, and Dr. Jabal Muhammad Jabal, two teachers specialized in teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers.

    Dr. Ali Muhammad Qamar, Director of ICESCO’s Center in Chad is overseeing the implementation of the session.In another vein, the Center concluded the proceedings of the training session on teaching Arabic, which benefitted 75 staff members from the Ministry of Women, Family and Childhood Protection and the Ministry of Public Health and National Solidarity.

    The session also benefitted 60 students from La Liberté High School and Lycée Diguel Est de Ndjaména.The closing ceremony was attended by Mr. Said Farah, Secretary-General of the Ministry of National Education of Chad, who commended the outcomes of the training session and stressed the importance of bilingualism, which is upheld by the Chadian educational system.

    The official also thanked ICESCO for its support to Chad, through its Center and to the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) for funding the session. At the end of the ceremony, participation certificates were distributed.

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