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    ICESCO and the UNESCO Office for the Gulf States and Yemen hold a meeting to discuss cooperation programs

    9 July 2022

    Further to the meeting of Dr. Salim M. Al-Malik, Director General of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), with Mr. Salah Khaled, UNESCO Representative to the Gulf States and Yemen, Director of the UNESCO Office in Doha, held on 28 June 2022 on the sidelines of their participation in the Transforming Education Pre‐Summit in Paris, an ICESCO team held a remote meeting with the UNESCO Office for the Gulf States and Yemen to discuss several programs and activities likely to be implemented jointly.

    During this meeting held on 7 July 2022, Mrs. Amira El Fadil, Head of the Partnerships and International Cooperation Sector at ICESCO, and Dr. Ahmed Said Bah, Advisor to the Director-General for Partnerships and International Cooperation, Supervisor of the General Secretariat of National Commissions and Conferences, discussed with Mr. Salah Khaled the areas of common interest between ICESCO and the Office, particularly with regard to developing the dissemination of publications, reports and scientific research, protecting the environment and strengthening the mechanisms of artificial intelligence and modern technology tools.

    They also discussed issues related to strengthening the position of the Arabic language in the educational and cultural systems and coordinating the modalities of participation in regional and international conferences.

    The meeting was attended by Ms. Rime Jirari, Head of the Department of Organizations and Agencies in the Sector of Partnerships and International Cooperation, and Mr. Salim Al Habsi, Director of Programs in the General Secretariat of National Commissions and Conferences.

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