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    On its 40th anniversary… ICESCO Undertakes to Accomplish Further Achievements for the Prosperity and Progress of the Islamic World

    3 May 2022

    In parallel with the celebration of Eid al-Fitr all across the Islamic world, the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) celebrates its fortieth anniversary. The Organization is honored by this inspiring coincidence and seizes this opportunity to renew its commitment to steadily accomplishing further achievements through its fruitful open-door approach and modernizing vision, which includes making progress towards meeting future requirements through many programmes and activities. ICESCO also called various non-Member States to join the Organization as observers, and updated its internal regulations and organizational structure.

    Moreover, ICESCO has concluded many cooperation and partnership agreements with major international space institutions to keep up with the rapid global transformations. The Organization has created centers specialized in the fields of civilizational dialogue and strategic foresight. It also developed training incubators for young people from various Islamic countries, some of whom have become ICESCO ambassadors. Furthermore, ICESCO has enhanced the status of women, who now account for half of its staff, given a new impetus to the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW) to achieve its desired goals, and concluded successful partnerships in the field of heritage restoration and preservation in the Islamic world.

    This anniversary also coincides with the Celebration of Rabat as Culture Capital in the Islamic World for 2022. On this occasion, the Organization expresses its sincere thanks and gratitude to the Kingdom of Morocco for this forty years of care and support, particulalry the continuous patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may Allah assist him, to many programmes and activities.

    ICESCO also avails itself of this opportunity to extend its heartfelt thanks to the leaders of its Member States for their support to the Organization through their valuable participation and the payment of their financial contributions to the Organization’s budget.

    Special thanks go to the leadership and members of the General Conference and the Executive Council for their contribution to the Organization’s achievements and outstanding performance.

    ICESCO also sincerely thanks all those who have contributed, throughout the last forty years, to its achievements, which are highly commended at the regional and international levels.

    Being aware of this responsibility, ICESCO renews its commitment to fulfilling the requirmements of its vision and making further achievements to ensure the prosperity and progress of the Islamic world.

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