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    Cooperation between ICESCO and IUA on Promotion of Arabic Letter

    1 February 2022

    The Center of Arabic for Non-Arabic Speakers at the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) held a coordination meeting with Yusuf Al-Khalifa Center for Writing Languages in Arabic letter at the International University of Africa (IUA) in the Republic of Sudan. The meeting aimed to follow up on the progress achieved by the Center in the implementation of the project on writing the local languages ​​of African Muslim communities in Arabic letters.

    During the meeting, which took place on Monday, January 31, 2022, via videoconference, the two parties discussed the importance of cooperation in promoting Arabic and elevating its status in African Muslim communities by writing their local languages ​​in Arabic letters. The meeting also touched upon completing the implementation of some joint programs, namely the organization of three training sessions in the Republic of Sudan for Arabic letter professionals at the Blue Nile University, the University of Nyala, and the Red Sea University, and two international training sessions in the Republic of Chad and the Republic of Kenya, in addition to the joint development of educational tools, school guides, training manuals and reading materials.

    At the close of the meeting, the two parties agreed on a set of administrative procedures to develop joint action plans and cooperate on the implementation of the activities and programs agreed upon in the grant agreement with the Islamic Development Bank.

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