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    ICESCO to Announce Winners of Prize for Calligraphy, Patterns, and Miniatures End July

    20 July 2021

    The jury tasked with assessing the participating works in ICESCO Virtual Prize for Calligraphy, Patterns, and Miniatures held a series of meetings and discussions to select the winning entries, in line with the criteria set by the jury, in preparation for the official announcement of winners during the last week of July.  The Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) launched the Prize, as part of the Organization’s “Distance Culture Program,” which falls within the framework of “ICESCO’s Digital Home.”

    The Jury first eliminated several works that do not meet the criteria, to then assess those meeting the requirements in terms of quality, concept, production and execution.

    Through the Prize, ICESCO extended an invitation to all calligraphers and visual artists to show their talents in calligraphy and pattern design using virtual tools and techniques. The aim is to promote talents and creativity in the field and ensure the sustainability of the intangible cultural heritage that all ICESCO Member States share.

    Launched on November 23, 2020, as part of the celebration of Islamic Art Week, the contest witnessed wide participation spanning artists of all ages from almost all ICESCO Member States. The participating works focused on either calligraphy or patterns—sometimes on both.

    The Jury will select 12 works to be exhibited at ICESCO Gallery. Four of these works will each win the USD 2500 contest prize in their different categories, namely classical calligraphy, lettering, patterns, and miniatures. ICESCO will also pay tribute to one of the female artists taking part in the contest, as part of the celebration of ICESCO’s Year of Women 2021.

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