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    Opening of registration for the Challenge and Innovation Forum (CIF) within the activities of Doha as the Capital of Islamic Culture for 2021

    9 July 2021

    With the framework of the activities of the celebration of Doha as the Arab Region’s Capital of Islamic Culture for 2021, being held under the theme “Our Culture is Light,” which is part of the cultural capitals program of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), the Ministry of Culture and Sports in the State of Qatar announced the opening of registration for the Challenge and Innovation Forum (CIF) that Qatar Scientific Club will organize, on 9-11 November 2021, under the slogan “With The Mind, We Untie The Knots.”

    The Forum will bring together young innovators and inventors from around the world. It includes several interactive scientific competitions and programs, which aim at promoting Qatar’s role in supporting science and innovation locally and internationally. The forum will constitute an opportunity for young innovators and inventors from different countries to exchange knowledge and expertise. It will contribute to attracting the attention of the international community to learn more about the latest developments in the fields of innovation and modern technologies.

    The competition is based on the participation of all the registered innovators, who will showcase their individual inventions during an exhibition that will be held in the first two days of the event. CIF includes two major competitions (Invention Exhibition and Hackathon) over a whole week with international participation. Besides, there are individual and group competitions for young people to enhance their talents in the fields of invention, innovation and manufacturing.

    Afterward, the innovators will be divided into groups to participate in the Hackathon to be held in the last two days of the forum, which will also include other activities, such as the exhibition of interactive intelligence devices, and workshops to attract and motivate young people to engage in science and innovation.

    People desiring to participate in the Forum can register, during the period from 7 July to 30 August 2021, via the link below:


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