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    ICESCO’s Educational Center in Chad Hosts Two Training Sessions in Development of Arabic Education

    6 March 2021

    ICESCO’s Regional Educational Centre in Chad hosts two simultaneous distance training sessions on Friday, March 5, 2021, at the Centre’s headquarters. The sessions are spread over six days and are held in academic cooperation with the International Center for Trainers’ Training and Educational Innovation (CIFFIP) in Tunisia.

    The two sessions are part of the project to exchange experiences between Chad, the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), and Tunisia. The first session focuses on the use of ICTs in teaching the Arabic language and is attended by 15 educational officials specialized in teaching the Arabic language. During the first session, participants learn about the use and exploitation of several technological applications and digital teaching programs to improve the quality of pedagogical performance in the teaching of Arabic language subjects in Chadian educational institutions, such as methods for processing texts, images and videos, and their use in the language lesson.

    The session aims at developing the professional skills of Arabic language teachers by teaching them how to use digital educational programs, especially about the scientific and objective preparation of tests and evaluation exercises.

    The second training session, held under the theme: “Modern techniques of teacher training to prepare competent teachers in the field of Arabic education“, benefits 12 educational executives working in the field of teacher training and curriculum development in Arabic education in Chad.  During six days of training, participants will learn the educational approaches in use in preparing teachers of language subjects, including the field of preparing teachers of the Arabic language. The training aims to provide Chadian officials with the methodological and cognitive tools that will enable them to scientifically and accurately review the training programs for teachers of the Arabic language in Chadian faculties and higher institutes.

    Participants in both sessions belong to ICESCO’s Regional Educational Center in Chad, the Higher Institute for Teacher Training in N’Djamena, and the National Curriculum Center (CNC) in Chad.  The work of both sessions is supervised by three CIFFIP educational experts. 

    Mr. Habib Omar, National Coordinator of the Experience Exchange Project in Chad, and Dr. Ali Mohamed Qamar, Director of the ICESCO Regional Pedagogical Center in Chad, provided organizational supervision.

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