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    Africa an ICESCO Priority with Bright Future through Knowledge and its Peoples’ Efforts

    24 November 2020

    Dr. Salim M. AlMalik, Director-General (DG) of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), announced a new initiative to hold a high-level international conference on the future and strategic role of Africa in entrenching the values of peace and promoting the principles of civilizational dialogue.
    Dr. AlMalik also stated that ICESCO, through its new vision, aspires to become a reference for civilizational outreach and a hub of expertise leading the Member States towards a better future based on AI and advanced technologies.
    “Africa will remain ICESCO’s focus and a top priority,” Dr. AlMalik’s stressed during his address on “ICESCO Day for Africa.”

    The Organization held the event yesterday, at its headquarters in Rabat, under the theme “Perspectives and Potentials.” The celebration displayed several intellectual and artistic activities as well as workshops with the participation of specialists and guests.

    Dr. AlMalik explained that the celebration of “ICESCO Day for Africa” aims at achieving the noble objectives of ICESCO’s new vision, including the dissemination of knowledge, quality education, and peace culture. The goal is to ensure sustainable development to promote equal opportunities. The efforts are in line with the ambitious aspirations of the Agenda 2063 of the African Union. The celebration also demonstrates ICESCO’s attention to Africa as a strategic priority in its action plans, projects, programs, and activities.

    The DG highlighted the efforts of the Organization during the COVID-19 pandemic to support the African Member States. “ICESCO endeavored to meet African Member States’ needs through the implementation of programs and initiatives to support the sectors of education and health, and combat poverty, unemployment, and immigration challenges through the establishment of vocational training centers for the benefit of young people,” underscored Dr. AlMalik.

    The DG explained that ICESCO also supported women training programs in Africa to develop and manage small and revenue-generating businesses. The Organization established several Arabic language centers in Africa, a set of specialized academic chairs in the African continent, as well as the inscription of an important number of heritage sites on the Islamic World Heritage List of ICESCO.”

    “In the social field, ICESCO organized several humanitarian and medical caravans in 10 African countries, in 2020, with the support of al-Waleed Philanthropies. The Organization also launched multiple initiatives during the lockdown period for the benefit of the African countries, most notably ‘Language of Africa, Bridges of Culture and History’ to raise health awareness through the most widely spoken languages in Sub-Saharan Africa,” added Dr. AlMalik.
    The DG reaffirmed that Africa will have a bright future through a comprehensive development and knowledge societies thanks to its unique diversity, rich resources, and the concerted efforts of its peoples.

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