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    ICESCO-Indonesia: New Routes for Cooperation

    10 September 2020

    Dr. Salim M. AlMalik, Director-General (DG) of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), met yesterday, September 10, with Mr. Hasrul Azwar, Ambassador of Indonesia to Morocco, to discuss ways of developing cooperation opportunities between the country and the Organization.

    At the Indonesian Embassy in Rabat, Dr. AlMalik commented on ICESCO’s communication processes with Member States to identify the countries’ priorities. The Organization implemented programs and activities in cooperation with the authorities in each country, added Dr. Almalik. He also apprised the Honorable Ambassador on ICESCO’s achievements over the past year.

    ICESCO launched and implemented several initiatives, programs, and activities since the start of the pandemic. The initiatives provided technological equipment to 24 countries to produce educational content for the continuity of schooling, elaborated the DG.

    Dr. AlMalik explained that ICESCO distributed hygiene products to 10 other countries. It also granted financial assistance to produce of best-cost sanitizers in several countries and train local communities in the production process.

    He also emphasized on the Organization’s inclusive approach to serve Member States and Muslim communities worldwide. He also added that ICESCO has established several specialized centers in various fields, including strategic foresight, artificial intelligence, Arabic courses for non-native speakers, dialogue, cultural diversity, and heritage.

    The aim, he continued, is to anticipate the transformations of countries in Islamic world following science-based methods and in-depth studies. Other goals are also to strengthen peaceful coexistence, safeguard heritage, and reposition ICESCO as a reference for civilizational outreach.

    Dr. AlMalik invited the Embassy to organize activities at the Organization’s headquarters to shed light on Indonesian culture and civilization.

    Ambassador Azwar praised ICESCO’s initiatives and assistance to Member States during the COVID-19 crisis, at a time when several international organizations were idle.

    He also stressed that his country is predisposed to develop cooperation with ICESCO. The ambassador listed multiple examples, including the inscription of Indonesian historical sites on Islamic world Heritage List (IWHL).

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