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    On the World Environment Day, ICESCO calls for joint action to preserve biological diversity

    5 June 2020

    This year we are celebrating the “World Environment Day” under exceptional circumstances, which have brought significant changes in the relationship between man and nature in terms of survival and recovery.

    Despite its disastrous impacts on many sectors, the Coronavirus imposed biological rest for the benefit of ecosystems on land, sea, and air. Positive indicators have been monitored for improving air quality, the expansion of wildlife on the outskirts of cities, and the natural habitats of animals. We may ask, will this new situation lead the international community to reevaluate the concepts and goals of sustainable development and their relevance to nature?.

    ICESCO reaffirms its support to the states and governments, environmental organizations, entrepreneurs, and scientists in their environmental action programs and believes that the human race will face extinction if it refuses to be bound by them to preserve nature. On this day, ICESCO calls for adopting the proposal for a joint environmental action based on lessons learned from the Coronavirus crisis, especially those related to preserving ecological diversity and its balance in the various ecosystems in forests, seas, agricultural systems, environmental tourism, urban environment, and others, and emphasizes the following:

    -Biodiversity is the safety valve for both the health and development environment and must have the required place in joint environmental action programs.

    -The life of the human race depends on stable and healthy ecosystems, and urgent action is required to put the world on the right path to a more sustainable future.

    -There is a need to raise the profile of nature-based solutions in environmental governance, climate action, and developing policy tools.

    -There is a need for anticipating the environmental and developmental ramifications of the depletion of natural resources to avoid crises for future generations.

    The world continues to witness thousands of deaths due to Coronavirus. The place where World Climate Summit COP25 was hosted in December 2019 is now turned into the largest field hospital in Europe. But despite these contemporary crises, we have great hope in the providence and mercy of Allah (SWT). Our hope lies in the concerted efforts of peoples and our joint action within and outside our Islamic world. We hope for genuine quality initiatives to protect and preserve the environment and to continuously contribute to safeguarding the mother earth that we call home.

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