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    ICESCO launches series of lectures, “e-Learning in the time of COVID-19”

    21 May 2020

    In a bid to sustain its support for the efforts to fight the Coronavirus pandemic and mitigate its impact on the fields of education, science and culture, the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) launched a series of educational lecture entitled “e-Learning in the Time of COVID-19” as part of the comprehensive initiative “ICESCO Digital Home”, on the link: https://www.icesco.org/التعليم-عن-بعد/

    This series of lectures consists of videos by experts in pedagogy and educational technology, university professors, educational professionals, researchers and academicians from different countries. The lectures will tackle the effective use of ICTs to contribute to the continuity of the teaching process and ensure its quality.

    Through these videos, which will be an addition to the contents of ICESCO Digital Home in the field of education, lecturers will address a number of topics including e-learning in the educational system; technology for teaching adults and literacy; technology in original education; and digital citizenship and cybersecurity. These lectures will target educational policy makers; educational officials; high-level professionals, teachers, and educators from the civil society; and students’ parents.

    This series of lectures aim to open wider horizons for prospective thinking on the future of education; anchor the “learning anywhere anytime” approach; contribute to the production of advanced technological resources and mediums for teaching and research; and urge Member States investing technology in the field of education.

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