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    ICESCO Digital Home”: A new initiative strongly supporting international community efforts to curb coronavirus effects.

    26 March 2020

    “ICESCO Digital Home”, a new initiative launched by the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization through which the Organization continues the series of practical initiatives and guidance it has launched in several Member States since the early days of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID -19).

    Through this initiative, ICESCO aims to support the efforts deployed by the Member States and the international community as a whole to counter this pandemic by proposing the best solutions to address the current and emergency circumstances. It provides for the most efficient and flexible state of the art technologies that can work under the lockdown situations and address its repercussions on areas of education, science and culture.

    “ICESCO Digital Home” initiative includes a variety of integrated measures of immediate field support, through modern technological means, to include workable communication tools and comprehensive digital contents, as follows:

    1-Setting up number of open knowledge tools consisting of the latest software applications needed by students in schools, higher education institutions and universities, as well as by researchers, teachers and digital learning contents developers. These tools also include pedagogical guides for all levels, multidisciplinary interactive learning contents for the benefit of students of different age categories, in addition to general knowledge, cultural industries and intellectual contents.

    2-Providing “ICESCO Digital Home” visitors with an interactive platform for communicating and exchanging creative and innovative products. This platform includes attractive contents for raising awareness about the protection against the coronavirus, drawing on the instructions and guidelines as advised by specialists. This platform caters to all its visitors of different age groups and various specialities.

    3-Launching a digital channel providing educational, cultural,  scientific and technological contents that  aim to qualify parents and enhance their pedagogical skills in promoting their roles in the family educate children on positive and constructive values.

     4-Providing smart equipments enhanced by various digital contents to be sent to several Member States through their National Commissions for education, science and culture. These comprehensive contents will be available on ICESCO website (www.icesco.org).

    In launching this new digital initiative, the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, provides integrated tools, resources and contents, with easy accessibility on its website, as it reiterates its call upon all competent parties in Member States to benefit from them.  Additionally, it aims for the unhampered learning process through alternative means that are consistent with the needs of each country to mitigate the effect of the covid-19 pandemic. The Organization further pledges to pursue efforts to promote this strategic initiative, and harness all its potentials for the benefit of all.

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