Harnessing the results of scientific research and technological innovation for the benefit of our societies

Science and technology play a crucial role in promoting sustainable development to face today’s economic, social and environmental challenges as well as support the development and its responsible use for the benefit of humanity.

The Science and Technology Sector of ICESCO plays an important role in promoting science and technology education and awareness. In fact, the sector supports the development of science and technology education programs and initiatives, encourages the use of technology to enhance learning, and works to raise public awareness of the role and importance of science and technology in our daily lives.

Our work covers a wide range of science and technology issues, from basic research to the development and application of new technologies in order to support the organization’s goals and objectives in the field of science and technology.

The nature of the challenges faced by Islamic World countries emphasizes the urgent need to support international cooperation in science and technology. This cooperation will be strengthened through the exchange of best practices by using each others advantages in their respective areas of strength, which establishes a mechanism of integration in capacity building that enables Islamic World countries to maintain the implementation pace within the framework of the sustainable development goals.

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