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    Under scientific sponsorship of ICESCO… Launch of International Conference on Translation of Meanings of Holy Qu’ran in Libya

    7 May 2024

    Monday, May 6, 2024, marked the launch of the International Conference on the Translation of the Meanings of the Holy Qur’an, organized by the Institute of the Holy Quran in Tripoli, Libya, spanning over three days. The Conference was held under the auspices of the Libyan Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, and with scientific guidance from the Islamic World Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), in the presence of a high-level delegation from the Organization, headed by Dr. Salim M. AlMalik, ICESCO Director-General (DG).

    Held under the theme: “Accurate Translation of the Meanings of the Quran as a Means of Spreading Islam,” the Conference witnessed a high-level attendance of officials, scholars, and distinguished researchers from both Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

    The Conference aims to study current translations of the meanings of the Holy Quran, discuss the difficulties associated with these translations and propose appropriate solutions. It also seeks to stimulate research in the field, plan the completion of simplified and reliable translations of the meanings of the Holy Quran into the most widely spoken languages, as well as to standardize translations of the Holy Quran’s meanings.

    On its first day, the plenary sessions of the Conference kicked off with the participation of experts from Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Iraq, Nigeria, and Oman, to discuss the Conference’s topics, which include: the rhetorical characteristics of the Quranic text between translation and interpretation, the cultural characteristics of the language of the Holy Quran and the translation of its meanings, the Holy Quran as a factor of influence in translation throughout history, translation theories and their role in studying the Holy Quran, and the academic and research role in translating the meanings of the Holy Quran.

    ICESCO’s scientific sponsorship for this international conference comes within the framework of the Organization’s efforts aimed at presenting the true and noble image of our tolerant religion and countering hate speech and violence. Among these efforts is ICESCO’s pioneering initiative “Read it to Understand it,” as a positive response to the despicable campaigns directing offense at the Book of Allah Almighty.

    ICESCO’s delegation participating in the conference includes Dr. Mohamed Zinelabidine, Head of the Culture and Communication Sector, Ambassador Khalid Fatahalrahman, Director of the Center for Civilizational Dialogue, and Dr. AHMED Said Ould Bah, Advisor to the General Directorate.

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