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    Launching ICESCO’s “Youth Dialogues” Program from Baku, Capital of Azerbaijan

    4 October 2023

    On Tuesday, 3 October 2023, ADA University in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, hosted the launch of a series of meetings and lectures as part of the “Youth Dialogues” Program by the Islamic World Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s (ICESCO). The Program started with a dialogue session held by the Organization in collaboration with ADA University as part of ICESCO’s Year of Youth activities, as well as the participation of the ICESCO’s delegation in the 74th International Astronautical Congress in Baku.

    At the outset of the “Youth Dialogues” Program Dr. Salim M. AlMalik, ICESCO Director-General delivered a lecture, then Ambassador Hafiz Pashayev, the President of ADA University, presented the opening statement, acknowledging ICESCO’s efforts within its areas of competence and expressing pride in both the partnership with the Organization and hosting the Program’s launch at the University’s headquarters.

    During the lecture, attended by Mr. Adil Gabil Karimli, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Dr. AlMalik emphasized the power of youth and their pivotal role, offering advice to the present young men and women from the Islamic World. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of youth taking initiative and developing their critical thinking skills in an era marked by the overwhelming flow of information, which necessitates analysis and discernment. Additionally, he highlighted the need for continuous education to further enhance their capabilities.

    In response to a question about the role of youth in addressing climate change, Dr. AlMalik underscored the pivotal role of youth in environmental conservation and their contribution to creating a safe living space on Earth. He also shed light on the Organization’s activities and programs in this field.

    On his part, Mr. Rashad Nabiyev, Minister of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan, provided advice to the attending youth on how to enhance their skills, particularly in the context of digital transformation and artificial intelligence mechanisms, and also stressed the importance of maintaining family ties.

    Additionally, Mrs. Shelli Brunswick, Chief Operating Officer at the American Space Foundation, discussed the crucial role of space science applications in achieving development and underscored their ability to provide tangible solutions to human challenges. She also offered guidance to young individuals interested in pursuing space sciences and exploring the promising opportunities they present.

    It is worth mentioning that ICESCO’s “Youth Dialogues” Program is designed to provide young individuals from Islamic and non-Islamic countries with the opportunity to engage in discussions on a wide range of issues of interest to them. The Program will feature a series of periodic lectures held in various countries throughout the Year of Youth celebration. These lectures are intended to create a knowledge-sharing space and provide a platform for the youth to propose innovative solutions to contemporary challenges.

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