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    ICESCO Calls for Strengthening Creative Capacities to Contribute to Achieving Sustainable Development

    20 April 2023

    Every year on April 21st, the world celebrates the Creativity and Innovation Day to raise awareness about the importance of promoting creative capacities to contribute to achieving sustainable development. On this occasion, the Islamic World Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) seizes this opportunity to highlight the importance of building prosperous societies based on knowledge, creativity and innovation to contribute to protecting human dignity as well as achieving social justice and cultural diversity.

    ICESCO reaffirms that it accords great importance to promoting entrepreneurship to stimulate creativity and innovation, push forward economic growth in the societies of the Islamic world and encourage creative initiatives for the benefit of youth and women, mainly through the launch of ICESCO’s ambitious programme for training youth in 2022 in creating and developing small projects in the field of technology and innovation in 10 countries in the Islamic world. ICESCO also seeks to implement this programme in the rest of its Member States, as part of its strategy and action plan, which aims to support more than 150 emerging companies in the field of innovation and technology by 2025.

    Since creativity and innovation are the foundation for building a bright future for the next generations, ICESCO calls for exerting more international and regional efforts to benefit from modern technology in promoting the creative process and qualifying human capacities through joint cooperation in implementing several initiatives, programmes and projects to build creative societies.

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