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    ICESCO DG Calls for Balancing Elements of Originality and Encouraging Innovation and Creativity

    30 March 2023

    Dr. Salim M. AlMalik, Director General (DG) of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), reaffirmed that the Organization’s programmes and projects are the fruits of sustained consultations with the Member States National Commissions to promote capacity-building and encourage creativity and innovation in a world that is heading towards a new development model in which new professions and artificial intelligence are a major focus.

    This was part of the speech he delivered on Wednesday, 29 March 2023, at the opening of the Ordinary Session of the General Assembly of the Moroccan National Commission for Education, Science and Culture, under the chairmanship of Dr. Chakib Benmoussa, Moroccan Minister of National Education, Preschool and Sports, Chairman of the Moroccan National Commission for Education, Science and Culture, and in the presence of Mr. Jamal Dine Elaloua, Secretary General of the Commission, and members of the Commission.

    ICESCO DG began his address by congratulating the Moroccan National Commission for Education, Science and Culture on the occasion of its 65th anniversary, commending the strong and fruitful relations of cooperation and coordination between the Organization and the Commission.

    He reaffirmed ICESCO’s commitment to supporting development efforts in the fields of education, science and culture in its Member States, namely the seat country, the Kingdom of Morocco, in which ICESCO enjoys continuous support from His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God protect him, and the Moroccan government.

    He pointed out that the Organization adopted the theme “the ICESCO you want” as a recognition of the key role assumed by the National Commissions in guiding international organizations towards making their efforts more efficient and more responsive to their national needs in their fields of competence.

    Dr. AlMalik concluded his address by calling for pooling efforts to strike a balance between the preservation of the components of heritage, cultural and linguistic originality, and encouragement of innovation and creativity, wishing success for the Commission’s meeting.

    Then, a Special Session was dedicated to celebrating the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the Moroccan National Commission for Education, Science and Culture, to announce the winners of the first edition of the National Commission’s Awards, which were launched in 2022 in partnership with ICESCO, as well as the publishing of a book in French, sponsored by the Organization and the National Commission, entitled “If the Wall of Fez Could Speak”, by Ms. Naima Berrada.

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