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    Discussing Arrangements for Organizing Closing Ceremony of Yaoundé Culture Capital of Islamic World for 2022

    10 February 2023

    A delegation from the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) held a series of meetings with several officials in the Republic of Cameroon to discuss the activities being implemented as part of the Yaoundé celebration as Culture Capital of the Islamic World for 2022 and the arrangements for organizing the closing ceremony of the celebration scheduled for June 2023.

    During the meeting of the ICESCO delegation with Mr. Bidoung Kpwatt Ismaël, Minister of Arts and Culture of Cameroon, the Minister commended the activities carried out by the Organization and its role in contributing to the success of the Yaoundé celebration programme, stressing the need for closer cooperation between ICESCO and the Republic of Cameroon.

    For his part, Mr. Najib Riati, Cultural Advisor to ICESCO Director General, reaffirmed that the Organization accords great importance to promoting the programme of Culture Capitals of the Islamic World as part of its open vision. At the close of the meeting, he gave the minister a set of the Organization’s publications in the fields of heritage, bearing the logo of the Yaoundé Culture Capital.

    During the delegation’s meeting with Mrs. Stadjem Sawudi, Director of Festivals and Creative Industries at the Ministry of Culture and Arts, and Chairperson of the Higher Committee for the celebration of Yaoundé as Culture Capital, the parties discussed the Ministry’s ongoing arrangements to hold the closing ceremony of the celebration in June 2023.

    The delegation also explored the ongoing preparations for the implementation of several activities of the celebration programme during its meeting with Mr. Amadou Nachouwat, Supervisor of ICESCO Chair for Cultural Diversity at the University of Yaoundé.

    During the delegation’s meeting with Dr. Hugues Heumen Tchana, Director of the National Museum of Yaoundé, which hosted the official launch ceremony of the Yaoundé Culture Capital of the Islamic World, the parties discussed the possibility of allocating a hall bearing the name of ICESCO in the museum to be inaugurated during the closing ceremony of the celebration.

    The Organization held the National Forum on Cultural Heritage and Local Development in Cameroon, in cooperation and coordination with the Cameroonian National Commission during the visit of ICESCO delegation to Yaoundé, and launched a photography competition to win ICESCO prizes for the most beautiful pictures of the city of Yaoundé and its heritage and artistic features.

    ICESCO’s delegation composed of Dr. Mohamed Aba Osman, Expert in the Organization’s Culture and Communication Sector, and Ms. Ghizlan Ben Taouet, Coordinator of the Office of the Cultural Advisor to the Director General.

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