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    ICESCO Organizes in Rabat Art Exhibition on Climate Action

    8 November 2022

    The Center for Civilization Dialogue and the Science and Technology Sector of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) organized an art exhibition on climate action, under the theme “Creativity through Multimedia,” in partnership with several regional and international institutions and bodies and with the presence of representatives of embassies, diplomatic missions, civil society organizations and artists.

    The exhibition, which was held on Friday, November 5, 2022, in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco, aimed at contributing to strengthening the role of art in support of sustainable development goals through the exchange of experiences and knowledge between different international artists with multiple disciplines, raising collective awareness of climate change, encouraging dialogue between different cultures from inside and outside the Islamic world and promoting arts and cultures of the countries of the Global South.

    The art exhibition witnessed the holding of workshops and an exhibition of artistic paintings, which express what the world is witnessing in connection to the climate and environment crisis and their repercussions on the planet, by relying on digital multimedia and visual performing arts, which review the creative industries ranging from traditional cultures to Metaverse applications.

    During the opening session, Ambassador Khaled Fathalrahman, Director of ICESCO Center for Civilizational Dialogue, stressed the importance of the three elements, represented by dialogue, art and the environment, as the basis for achieving progress and prosperity and building the societies we want, highlighting ICESCO’s vision and the action strategy of the Organization’s Center for Civilizational Dialogue, as an integrated and comprehensive approach to promoting the values ​​of dialogue and coexistence among civilizations.

    For her part, Dr. Hoda Abdullah Al-Muqairhi, Expert at the Center for Civilizational Dialogue, highlighted the centrality of artistic dialogue, which would contribute to the development of new experiences and capabilities that contribute to strengthening integration and communication on climate change and raising awareness about the human responsibility in the field of the environment to build the future that we all want, achieve the goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda, mobilize the younger generation and future artists and promote their new digital artistic methods.

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