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    ICESCO Forum on the Future of Teaching Strategies Recommends Using Technology to Develop Education

    4 November 2022

    The participants in ICESCO International Forum on the Future of Teaching Strategies in the Light of Current Developments made several recommendations, including the call for promoting the use of scientific and technological developments in the educational process, building a new model for the school of the future, reducing the risks of the digital and knowledge gap, investing in teachers and meeting their needs, promoting the values ​​of citizenship and volunteering in school life and mobilizing sustainable resources to finance education.

    The second and last day of the Forum, held via videoconference, featured three working sessions, which saw the participation of a number of experts and academics. The first session tackled the experiences of several schools, colleges and research centers in using modern teaching strategies through an approach that combines creativity, innovation and gender equality in education. The second session focused on the new trends in teaching strategies while the third session explored the future visions of modern teaching strategies.

    During the closing session, Dr. Koumbou Polly Barry, Head of ICESCO’s Education Sector, thanked all the ministers and experts, who participated in the Forum and identified the new challenges facing the future of teaching strategies to ensure the integration of educational technologies in Member States’ educational systems.

    She also highlighted the results and recommendations of the Forum, including the adoption of modern teaching methods within the cultural context of each educational system, the enhancement of teachers’ capabilities through the use of technological means and the integration of the values ​​of citizenship to ensure the right to equal education, calling for the need to adopt these recommendations to enhance the role of modern teaching strategies to develop the educational process.

    It is worth mentioning that the first day of the Forum witnessed the participation of a group of ministers of education from many ICESCO Member States as well as experts and prominent international figures, who enriched discussions with their experiences, visions and ideas for developing teaching strategies in light of the current technological developments.

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