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    ICESCO Training Pole in Nigeria organizes seminar on, “Arabic Language: Between Authenticity and Renewal”

    31 October 2022

    The ICESCO Training Pole for Excellence in the Field of Arabic for Non-Arabic Speakers in Nigeria held a seminar on, “The Arabic Language: Between Authenticity and Renewal,” with the participation of several university professors, researchers and students.
    The seminar discussed three themes, namely, the history of the Arabic language in the Barnawi community in Nigeria: gains and challenges, the future of Arabic in Nigerian universities, and constructive cooperation to spread Arab culture in Nigeria.

    The seminar was held at the Arabic Language Village Ngala, under the supervision of its Director, Dr. Ibrahim Muhammad. The session by attended by a host of professors, notably, Dr. Sharif Abdelkader Abdullah, Dr. Muhammad M. Abubakar, Dr. Muhammad Saleh Jamal; Dr. Umar Yunus, and Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Ahmar.

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