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    Launch of ICESCO Programme for Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Technology and Innovation in Pakistan

    5 August 2022

    The Science and Technology Sector of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), in partnership with Katalyst Laboratories, launched ICESCO Training Programme for young people on how to establish and develop small businesses in the field of technology and innovation in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Programme will be launched in ten Member States by the end of 2022, as part of ICESCO’s strategy and action plan, which aims at supporting more than 150 start-ups in the field of innovation and technology in its Member States by 2025.

    70 participants, divided into 14 teams, will benefit from this Training Programme, which was launched on August 4, 2022. Within six weeks they will take part in intensive training sessions and workshops on how to carry out studies related to the economic model of their businesses in the areas of financial technology, digital media, tourism and food technology, agricultural technology, entertainment and games, under the supervision of experts, investors and stakeholders in the field of business and enterprise development, to enhance the skills of young people in several cities of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and promote investment in human capital in the field of science and entrepreneurship.

    This Programme was launched in the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan and the Republic of Kazakhstan. A special jury will select the best three teams that submitted projects from each country to compete in the final stage, which will be held at ICESCO Headquarters in Rabat. The selected teams will present their pioneering projects to several institutions, donors and investors to provide the necessary funding for their implementation.

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