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    On World Health Day: ICESCO Calls for More Investments in Primary Healthcare

    7 April 2022

    Each year on April 7, the world commemorates World Health Day to draw attention to various health issues affecting people all over the world. To that end, the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) joins the international community in celebrating this year’s theme “Our Planet, Our Health,” with a commitment to developing programs that focus on health equity involving modern technologies.
    Indeed, ICESCO believes that the Covid-19 pandemic and the effects on the economy and social life have shown us that “no one is SAFE until everyone is SAFE.” In that regard, ICESCO is initiating programs for building health consortia, scientific networks, and groups of community outreach to assess the situations in various health sectors in all member countries.

    Therefore, ICESCO calls for:
    • More investments in primary healthcare and its training & entrepreneurship
    • Joining efforts to protect and treat the whole global population with equity
    • Building a strong health workforce to ensure services are available wherever and whenever needed
    • The development and involvement of modern technologies and methods for better care for all

    ICESCO also considers that the health of our communities is closely linked to climate change. Extreme heat due to rising temperatures and the associated likelihood of wildfires and floods can cause many health problems. These include the spread of infectious diseases, lack of safe water and food shortage, and mental health concerns. ICESCO is leading many programs on safe water, sanitation and climate management for the populations of its member states.

    ICESCO also emphasizes the use of modern technologies and tools for the benefit of its member states in all areas of health concerns. To that end, ICESCO is supporting different programs to ensure the use of modern technologies in the fields of education and training and raising awareness.

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