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    ICESCO Issues Nine Academic Studies in Teaching Arabic to Non-Arabic Speakers

    22 February 2022

    The Center for Arabic for Non-Arabic Speakers at the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) released a series of academic studies in the field of teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers within the framework of the Center’s supervised “specialized studies” project. The goal is to take into account the challenges and difficulties that Non-Arabic Speakers face, including the inability to keep pace with educational and cognitive developments in the curricula, decisions and educational means in the field of teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers.

    The nine publications revolve around a common topic; teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers from various aspects and different perspectives authored by a group of experts in this field from different countries around the world. These publications are entitled as follows:

    • Linguistic weakness among non-Arabic speakers: manifestations, spread and solution.
    • Designing an e-learning model through Web 2.0 applications for Arabic for non-Arabic speakers for special purposes.
    • Issues and Problems in Teaching Arabic and its Culture to non-Arabic speakers: A linguistic vision.
    • An introduction to employing public speaking in enhancing the linguistic competence of non-Arabic speakers.
    • Educational linguistics and literacy development for non-Arabic speakers’ students of Arabic.
    • Expressive Grammar: a new approach to teaching and learning Arabic grammar for non-Arabic speakers.
    • Towards a unified reference framework for teaching and learning Arabic to non-Arabic speakers.
    • Assessment Guide in Teaching and Learning Arabic for Non-Arabic Speakers: Transforming Practices from Paper-based assessment to alternative digital assessment.
    • On the philosophy of vocal performance in the Holy Quran for learners.

    The project aims to enhance ICESCO’s presence in the field of scientific research and publication, consolidate scientific and educational research and strengthen the Center’s relationship with researchers specialized in teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers inside and outside the Member States.

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