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    ICESCO Launches 2nd Video Series “Zidni ‘Ilman 2021”

    2 June 2021

     In contribution to the efforts geared toward building educational and scientific communication in the field of teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers between experts, educational staff and students, the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) launches the 2nd video series “Zidni ‘Ilman” for 2021. During the series, experts will answer questions from teachers and educators working in the field of teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers.

    As part of ICESCO’s proclamation of 2021 as the Year of Women, the current series will invite women experts in the field of teaching Arabic from inside and outside the Islamic world to contribute to the development of teachers’ knowledge and skills. ICESCO will post one video every Thursday on its social media network starting from tomorrow, June 3, 2021.

    Through the educational program, ICESCO seeks to achieve several objectives, including:

    • Training teachers and students in the field of teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers and providing distance learning programs that meet their needs;
    • Developing and revising the pedagogical materials of the teachers of Arabic for non-Arabic speakers;
    • Creating channels of communication between students from different racial and cultural backgrounds and the experts in the field of teaching Arabic;
    • Promoting dialogue and collaborative learning among learners of Arabic and developing their research skills;
    • Providing pedagogical and linguistic references for the most frequently asked questions.

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