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    ICESCO Holds Series of Bilateral Meetings with National Commissions

    19 March 2021

    In a bid to strengthen partnership and cooperation ties with National Commissions and give an effective participatory approach by the Islamic World Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) through the establishment of an interactive platform and other communication mechanisms for the National Commissions, the General Secretariat of the National Commissions and Conferences at ICESCO, launched from 8 March 2021, a series of bilateral meetings with the National Commissions for Education, Science, and Culture in the Member States.

    During these meetings, the parties discussed several issues, most particularly:

    • The priorities, activities, and achievements of the National Commissions.
    • The challenges that the National Commissions face and their future perspectives.
    • Proposals to enhance cooperation and partnership between National Commissions and ICESCO.
    • Proposals to develop educational, cultural, and scientific systems after COVID-19.
    • Proposals on ICESCO’s Year of Women 2021 and women empowerment to enjoy their educational, cultural, scientific, and technological rights.

    These meetings provide an opportunity to foster mutual understanding, exchange of knowledge, expertise, and successful experiences in the Organization’s areas of competence and examine the challenges faced by the National Committees and the ways to address them. They also constitute a platform for strengthening the roles of Commissions toward constructive participation in the advancement of educational, cultural, and scientific systems in the Member States.

    These dialogues will enable ICESCO to identify the needs and aspirations of the Member States in the Organization’s action areas, taking into account the national, regional, and international variables affecting the sectors of education, science and culture.

    The General Secretariat of the National Commissions and Conferences will prepare comprehensive and integrated reports that include proposals, recommendations, and concrete outputs for the benefit of the National Commissions and the sectors and centers of the Organization.

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