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    ICESCO DG Composes and Recites “Richness of Arabic” Poem in Celebration of Arabic Language

    22 December 2020

    At the International Conference that the Islamic World Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) held in celebration of the World Arabic Language Day, Dr. Salim AlMalik, ICESCO Director-General (DG), surprised the participants with his poem “Richness of Arabic” as a token of his love for Arabic language.

     Dr. AlMalik stated, “my address today will neither be similar to the usual opening addresses, nor remind us of the centuries-old glories and the unique genius of the Arabic language as many books, research, and literary works on Arabic language will give enough evidence thereon.”

    “I do not want my address to be a review of ICESCO’s achievements or anticipation of our future projects. The information is already available on our websites. In this address, I would like to express my great and undying love for the Arabic language,” he continued.

    Dr. AlMalik added: “As I see poetry as the most adequate, valuable, and expressive genre, I composed a poem on this occasion, entitled ‘Richness of Arabic.’ In the poem, the DG shows the richness of the Arabic language, particularly its vocabulary, rhetoric, and aesthetics as well as the capacity of its syntax and lexicon to adapt to scientific and technological developments. 

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