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    ISESCO and Muslim World League sign cooperation and partnership agreement

    4 July 2019

    Rabat: 04/07/2019

    ISESCO and Muslim World League sign cooperation and partnership agreement

    This morning at its headquarters in Rabat, the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) and the Makkah Al-Mukarramah-based Muslim World League (MWL) signed a cooperation and partnership agreement at the close of the opening session of the Joint Commission meeting, taking place on 4-7 July.

    The agreement was signed by ISESCO Director General Dr. Salim Mohammed AlMalik and MWL Secretary General, Dr. Mohammad IbnAbdulkarim Al-Issa.

    The agreement provides for cooperation between the two organizations in holding conferences, seminars, forums, meetings, workshops, training sessions and joint programmes. Such eventswill revolve around disseminating the correct understanding of Islam and its noble values; combating extremism and hate speech; promoting dialogue among followers of civilizations, religions and cultures; celebrating the pioneers of Islamic civilization and their contributions in building human civilization; fostering volunteer humanitarian action, especially for women, children, and youth; teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers and highlighting the values of middle stance and moderation in such curricula; promoting information and communication as means of spreading peace, moderation and tolerance; beefing up the presence of Islamic culture on the international cultural scene; and bolstering the cultural and educational action of Muslims outside the Islamic world.

    By virtue of this agreement, the two parties will set up a Joint Commission that will meet regularly for follow-up, planning, implementation and evaluation and will prepare a detailed annual cooperation programme including specific projects and activities, implementation mechanisms and each party’s commitments.

    Moreover, the two parties have agreed to exchange their publications, studies, periodicals and other materials in areas of common interest and invite each other to take part in programmes and activities of common interest to ISESCO and MWL.

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