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    Renewal of ISESCO’s working methods initiated according to a modern innovative and promising vision

    26 May 2019

    Rabat: 25/05/2019

    Renewal of ISESCO’s working methods initiated according to a modern innovative and promising vision

    ISESCO new Director General Dr. Salim bin Mohammed Almalik initiated a process of restructuring ISESCO according to the new vision based on consultation, participation and listening. He also gave the opportunity to all staff members, regardless of their administrative categories and ranks, to express their views on ISESCO’s operation methods and present their suggestions to improve their financial situation and develop the Organization’s working mechanisms. One of the first decisions he took was to rotate some posts in the financial department and the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW).

    It is evident that ISESCO suffers from a lack of young skilled employees who represent only 8% and  8% of its staff are aged above 60. This situation does not meet the current changes which require the forces of youth. Thus, in a move to inject new life in ISESCO and renew its structures and working methods, the Director General entrusted strategic administrative functions to a number of young employees in the fields of planning, information technologies and new media.

    This reveals that ISESCO is adopting the principle of survival for the fittest and most hard working. Likewise, it is going to take a new course through hiring young people to substitute a great number of member staff who have served the Organization for a long time.

    In an unprecedented human initiative, the Director General gave a collective Ramadan iftar to ISESCO staff members upon taking office. He also met all employees and opened up a rich space for expressing opinions and making suggestions through a special email address. In this regard, he received a number of proposals which are all in ISESCO’s interest.

    Upon his appointment on May 9th, the new Director General requested the Extraordinary General Conference to increase the salaries of employees by 5 to 15% based on their performance, a request that was promptly approved.

    It’s worth mentioning that ISESCO has initiated revising its structure, organizational and financial regulations, Three-Year Action Plan 2019-2021, Medium-Term Action Plan 2019-2027 and the functions of its General Directorate.  It has also started identifying its urgent needs in skilled young people through setting up a number of commissions which are due to submit by the end of next June their recommendations which should meet the changes happening in the Islamic world and align with the new vision.

    Indeed, this big project will change many things in ISESCO, advance it to better levels and open new horizons for a brighter future.

    For record, Dr. Salim bin Mohammed Almalik was appointed new Director General of ISESCO by the Third Session of ISESCO General Conference for a period that ends in December 2024, succeeding Dr. Abdulaziz Othman Altawaijri who served as ISESCO Director General for 27 years.

    It’s worth mentioning that the new Director General was congratulated by His Majesty King Mohammed VI on his appointment the his new office.

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